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Sun conjunct Pluto

A chance to change

Kelli Fox
Sun conjunct Pluto

No matter how strong you each are as individuals, this relationship has proven very compelling, and it holds a powerful sway over both of you! The bond between the two of you runs deep and strong, and can be quite smooth at times; but at other times, you may feel as if you're struggling with feelings that are much bigger than you can handle. Even though you each have tried to maintain your independence, you might find that feelings such as jealousy, possessiveness and control crop up repeatedly.

Emotional manipulation might play a role here, regardless of the positive intentions that you both bring to the relationship, and resentments only stack up. The problem lies in the fact that there is a deep and powerful conflict between your need to exist as an individual within the relationship and your lover's need to bond as a unit. Any emotional insecurity that they have is highlighted in this relationship, which helps them undergo an intense transformation and emerge stronger and more stable. But the road to that transformation is a difficult one. Separations are hard for them; they'll be jealous of other people you know, or imagine that you think the relationship is over just because you had a disagreement. The challenge you face as a couple is learning to stand on your own two feet while offering one another genuine, stable support.

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