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Sun conjunct North Node

Sunny self-expression

Kelli Fox

If you two sense an element of karmic connection, a deep feeling of destiny influencing your bond, don't be surprised -- in some important way, your futures are inextricably linked. This is not to say that you're fated to be a couple for life, exactly; you could go your separate ways in the world -- but if you do, you'll be missing an important relationship that extends beyond the bounds of this life. As long as you continue to maintain this relationship, you and your partner will be transformed through your mutual interaction.

This bond's most positive possibilities won't be effortless. You each have a responsibility, to yourself and to your lover, to be your true self -- to vigorously follow your own path in life. If you commit to that effort, your energy and determination will inspire your lover to do the same. They can benefit from your drive toward independence as a human being. You may naturally be more willing to assert your independence than they are, and thus you may emerge as the role model of the relationship; but you both add inspiration and support to one another's lives. If you form a bond but don't focus together on self-betterment and individuality, you may lose out on an important influence you could have brought to one another's lives. Don't neglect the power of generosity and the expression of love! Your support for your lover can and should take the form of romantic love and devotion, which will only further your growth.

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