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Sun conjunct Neptune

The power of the heart

Kelli Fox

This relationship carries its own subtle power. You felt connected to each other from the beginning, as if you'd known each other for a long time, even when you had only just met. There is a very real and deep understanding and acceptance that flows between you, because somehow, your lover's soul seems to recognize yours.

Because of this depth of recognition between you, you likely fell in love quickly -- or what felt like love. At best, a deep sense of devotion has only increased over time. At worst, you may feel absorbed or swept away by each other. You could both see the other in a highly unrealistic light, and even be deceived. Initially there was a dreamy quality to your connection that stimulated romantic and erotic feelings in both of you. Your lover, especially, feels that the relationship, or the love between you, is bigger than either of you, and they feel awed by the power of the heart. You likely idealize them, as well. You're both highly sensitive to each of your needs, moods and feelings. In fact, the two of you might have a psychic connection that keeps you in tune with each other even when you're not physically in the same space. When you are in the same space, you finish each other's sentences and you both feel merged as one. As time goes on, you either wake up from your dreamlike fantasy, or the spiritual nature of your connection will enable you to transcend earthly concerns.

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