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Sun conjunct Jupiter

Boundless possibilities

Kelli Fox

You two have such a strong bond! This aspect can warm up and strengthen anything else in your charts that may not be as positive. It lends an energy of optimism and support to your interactions, and creates a feeling of confidence -- as if, together, you can tackle any issue, overcome any obstacle.

This is because you share very similar values on a basic level. It's rare for either of you to wonder what the other person is talking about or where they're coming from, because there exists a real feeling of kinship between you. You admire one another and respect each other's choices in life, and you both strive to offer each other the support you feel coming your way in spades. This is an overall quality to your bond, in fact: You each try to outdo the other in sharing and generosity! This comes from a wonderful place -- wanting to give back the gift with which you've been blessed -- but you may find that your encouragement for each other is rather excessive. Your lover, especially, might buy you gifts that they can't afford or lavish the relationship with more time than they really have to spare. If either of you begins finding that your finances, work schedule, relaxation time or other relationships begin to suffer due to the time and energy you're expending on this one, you can take that as a sign that it's time to pull back and become more moderate.

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