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Sun conjunct Ascendant

Vitality and positivity

Kelli Fox

There is a sense of vitality and positivity between you that will enhance both your lives. The energy between you runs strong, as does the attraction -- from the start, you felt almost compelled toward one another! The bond between you runs deeper than just skin-level, however.

The physical attraction won't just be based on appearance, but on a more complex chemistry -- the fact that you instinctively recognize that each of you brings a lot to the other's life. Your goals in life -- career-related, family oriented -- are highlighted in this relationship, and you each help one another reach your goals. You may also introduce one another to helpful people, you probably accompany each other to important functions and basically act as cheerleader to one another's lives. This all sounds pretty rosy, and it is, but there will be a few possible pitfalls to watch out for. As much as you lift one another's spirits and encourage a real sense of optimism in one another, you also bring one another down if one of you is feeling less than confident. Your identities and emotions will be so closely identified that there isn't much of a boundary between you; if one of you is feeling pessimistic or insecure, then both of you suffer the effects. But if you both remain aware of this tendency, you'll be able to put out positive energy toward one another and continue to boost one another's lives.

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  1. Leigh on June 21, 2018 at 11:54 am

    I really enjoyed your explanation of Sun conjunct Ascendant. Especially when you said that the two people often experience mood swings around each other. I have this with a coworker and that’s so true. When she feels good, she makes me feel good and when’s she’s down that makes me feel down, and vice-versa. Her Sun is conjunct my Asc in Sagittarius.

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