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South Node square Saturn

Domination fantasies

Kelli Fox

Ack -- this person has been chasing you around from one lifetime to the next, trying to dominate and control you -- and here they are in this life, with yet another opportunity to wreak havoc in your life! Why are they so obsessed with dominating you? Why can't they accept you as the free individual that you are?

Well, whatever the answers to those questions might be, the fact remains the same: in this lifetime, you'd better hope there are plenty of positive, harmonious aspects between you to counteract the negative effects of this one, because it will be hard to deal with otherwise. Your lover has the tendency to try to control you with oppression or even fear; they might criticize you or communicate their displeasure in some other way, to try to force you to behave in the way that they've decided you should. But that's not a nice way to be treated! You should both work on accepting each other -- and more importantly, yourselves. Being involved in a relationship that teaches you that something about you is unacceptable can be very depressing and demoralizing. It can make you forget your strength, even forget who you are. So don't let this happen. Stay very conscious of this tendency between you; otherwise, it could just get out of hand.

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