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South Node square Pluto

Ruthless domination

Kelli Fox

There's no nice way to put this, so here goes, blunt and honest -- this relationship ma not be the healthiest thing for you. Unless there are plenty of harmonious aspects between you to make things nice and easy in your relationship, you're likely to just live out an old dynamic from a past life, in which you were involved in a really unhealthy way. That cycle of control and domination hasn't yet been broken, and in this life, you just do it all over again.

Your lover caused you the same grief that they did all those lifetimes ago; they make you feel afraid to be who you are, to speak your mind, to behave in the ways that are most natural to you. That's no way to feel in a relationship in which you're supposed to be loved and respected. A love relationship should uplift and enlighten you both; at the very least, you should have a really good time together. Love shouldn't make you feel oppressed, doubtful of yourself and your instincts and scared to be the person you are. Your lover should support you, not drag or even tear you down, emotionally or otherwise. With this aspect between you, it might prove too difficult to create all that goodness that you both deserve.

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