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South Node square Jupiter

Excessive fun

Kelli Fox

As lovers in a past life, you were greedy together -- you took unnecessary risks and egged each other on to go further and further each time. You may have been gamblers or even con artists, and you worked as a team, pushing each other to greater and greater heights of vanity and consumption! Now you've arrived at this lifetime, and you're faced with another relationship with each other.

Do you do it the same all over again? Odds are, you do -- probably not to the intense degree that you may have in a past life, but in some way, you push each other to excess. Even if it just comes out as too many dates that involve drinking and late hours when you need sleep and a clear head for work the next morning, in some way, you push things just a little too far when you're together. You could get caught up in some idea -- a spiritual pursuit, a philosophy -- and, acting together, you buy into it hook, line and sinker, only to snort awake some time later and wonder why, exactly, you got so intense about it. That's just the problem between you two -- you encourage intensity in each other; you even thrive on it. But intensity isn't always the best approach, even if it's attractive. Sometimes a more moderate, considered approach serves you much better.

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