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South Node sextile Uranus

Dare to be unique

Kelli Fox

If there's something that you've always wanted to do but felt too scared or otherwise held back to try, now's the time -- because this relationship serves as the perfect springboard into the unknown. Your lover offers you exactly the kind of support and encouragement you need to try something new, to step onto new ground and see how you like it. Efforts and accomplishments as small and personal as getting out of the house more and being more social to ones that are as big and life-changing as switching careers are a focus between you.

They give you that gentle push that could be necessary for making a change -- that message that says, Go ahead, try it -- you're smart, you're capable and you'll probably be great at it! What a wonderful gift to receive from your lover. They make you feel as if your more daring, creative ideas are really good ones, ones that are worth exploring. They also help you to stand up for yourself better than you may ever have done before. If you've been in a situation at work or with a friend or family member in which you're getting walked all over, the strength and purpose you derive just from being in this love affair helps you to take a stand, put your foot down and make things better for yourself. You dare to be different, to make the changes you've been dreaming of. This relationship is the perfect chance.

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