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South Node sextile Pluto

A positive transformation

Kelli Fox

This could be a life-changing relationship for you, and that's even more of a gift than your lover may realize. The benefits of moving to a new level aren't just confined to this lifetime; they mark the end of an old cycle that is finally laid to rest. You two were involved in a past life, and you may have been through something big and difficult together, perhaps as lovers but maybe even as warriors.

Your lover actually tried to manipulate, dominate or control you back then, and it was probably a difficult relationship that caused both of you a lot of grief. The good news is, in this lifetime, you've moved through all that old strife to a new plane of existence. You have an opportunity to come together again, but in a brand-new way. Instead of using force and manipulation, as they did all those lifetimes ago, this time, your lover is aboveboard with you. They make a commitment within themselves to honesty, and they treat you as well as they know how. They support you and help you to make that incredible spiritual transformation that finally allows you both to graduate to a new level of humanhood.

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