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South Node sextile Neptune

An affair to remember

Kelli Fox

Your lover makes you feel as loved and supported in this life as they did in a past one. That's right -- in a past life you were lovers, and you had an affair to remember. You were intuitively linked then, as you are in this lifetime; you cared for each other in a tender and romantic way then, and then, as now, it made you both feel utterly well-loved.

This time around, they treat you with the same sensitivity and care. They have an instinctive understanding of your needs that make communication much easier. All this loveliness extends outside the bounds of just your love for each other; your souls actually expand through your relationship with each other. The love your lover feels for you opens doors for you in your spiritual wanderings. If you have never thought much about spirituality, this relationship encourages you to do so, because of its pure bliss. How could the miracle of love not be a spiritual phenomenon? It lifts your soul to a new plane and puts you in touch with the subtler magic of the universe. You two are very conscious of that together.

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