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South Node sextile Mars

Making dreams a reality

Kelli Fox

In each other, you find a passionate, ardent love partner who not only loves you body and soul -- you also are able to help each other chase down your dreams and your passions. You were lovers in a past life, and your affair was passionate and intensely supportive. You've come together in this life for another round, to complete the circle, and this aspect should make this a very beneficial partnership once again, especially if other aspects support that!

You're passionate about each other, but also about the relationship itself. And you help each other pursue whatever it is that your hearts most desire. This aspect helps you to feel like teammates, because there is no question of support -- one of you tells the other what your aims and ambitions are, and the other immediately hops to it, ready to help you out in whatever way is possible or necessary. You stand up for each other when times get tough and you serve as a strong shoulder to lean on. You cheer each other on; whenever there's a success to celebrate, small or large, you're there. What a great team you make!

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