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South Node quincunx Saturn

A critical situation

Kelli Fox

With this aspect between you, it's very hard to have an open, accepting, easygoing bond unless you have lots and lots of other aspects between you to promote harmony and acceptance, and to override the effects of this aspect. Because it's a doozy! You two were involved in a past life, and you may have made each other's lives you-know-what.

Now, for some reason, you're back in this lifetime, ready to serve it up to each other all over again. Your lover is way too restrictive of you; they take responsibility for much too much of your life, goals and future, which is a nice way of saying they try to control you! For you, on the receiving end of that control, it could feel very, very familiar, as if you've done it all before. And in truth, you have. That past life link is an unconscious bond between you, and the bad part is, it could convince you that you two were somehow fated to be together again in this life, despite the pain you cause each other. Because it hurts to be controlled and restricted! Your lover uses harsh criticism and disappointment as tools to get you to work harder, to do the things they want you to do -- the things they genuinely think you need to do in order to be a better person. But, though this may come from a good place, it can only ultimately hurt the relationship.

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