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South Node quincunx Mars

Dominating lovers

Kelli Fox

You two were involved in a past life, and it wasn't pretty. This person tried to dominate you, and you felt repressed, downtrodden and ill-used. Whatever the nature of your relationship might have been -- teacher and pupil, parent and child, or two lovers -- they tried to wield their power over you, and getting involved again in this lifetime brings that old relationship dynamic back if you're not careful.

It's not that they consciously want to dominate and control you; they might think that they're just trying to help by telling you how to behave, what to wear and so on. If they think your life isn't as fully realized as it could be, they might be right, but why is it up to them to get you on track? We each have to find our own path in life, and make our own mistakes along the way. It's better to let someone be who they are and find their own way than to assert your own opinions about what they should be doing with their lives. If other aspects between you support a harmonious, loving connection, this relationship might give you a chance to finally break the chains of the past, but watch out for aggression and domination tendencies, especially on your lover's part.

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