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South Node opposite Venus

An old, sweet love

Kelli Fox

Your relationship is important to both of you because it allows you to access parts of yourself and your emotional makeup that might have been hidden until now. Your affection for each other helps both of you become the people you want to be, to access your best, most talented and loving selves. With this aspect between you, it's likely that you were lovers in a past life, and you've come together in this one to enjoy all those feelings again.

Because of this deep bond, you feel naturally connected and attuned from the start. You become involved on an intimate level, and you help each other to figure out where you should go in your lives and what you should do. You help each other find the confidence and strength you need to become the people you are, to follow your right paths. Your bond is the foundation that gives you the stability you need to move outward into the world. This serves an important purpose in each of your lives, and you show each other a lot of gratitude for this gift that you bring each other.

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