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South Node opposite Sun

Strong ties

Kelli Fox

If you've felt from the very beginning of this relationship that you've known each other for a long time, it shouldn't come as a surprise; you were probably involved in a past life! In this life, you've come together again to share more of the positive benefits of that old, forgotten relationship. And there were many: you two inspired each other to new heights, and you do that again this time around.

You're both on a lifelong quest to find yourselves, and you help each other achieve that goal by offering some real encouragement -- plus the benefit of your own experiences, and that sense that you've known each other a lot longer than you really have. You both have good ideas for the other's path in life, about how to reach all those goals they've set for themselves. Has your lover always wanted to write a book, join a band, start painting, or pick up some other creative pursuit? You help them figure out a way to start doing that. Do they know where they want to go in their career, but they're not sure how to get there or what steps they need to take? You have some good ideas about that too. You support each other's visions of your futures and you help each other move in that direction.

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