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South Node opposite Saturn

Serious inspiration

Kelli Fox

This person is full of great advice for you, based on their life experiences. Their life naturally serves as an example to yours. You were likely lovers in a past life, and because of that old, unconscious bond, you relate to each other's struggles and emotions in this life.

You're both a big help to each other in terms of illuminating your proper path -- your career, schooling or whatever else you're trying to achieve -- and in mapping out a viable plan for pursuing your goals. You inspire each other to work hard, and when inspiration alone isn't enough, you give your lover a good talking-to. This aspect is a serious one, and if it's a strong one between you, it could even overshadow whatever attraction exists between you in the beginning. After all, you might not be ready to settle down and get serious, and that's what this influence encourages you to do. You come around, though, because you both want to take part in all the goodness that this influence has to offer you. This person might be a bit of a taskmaster to you, but as long as they don't take it overboard, you should both appreciate the bond this inspires between you.

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