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South Node opposite Neptune

Merging lives

Kelli Fox

Your strong emotional bond could actually obscure your individuality in the face of the power of your union as a couple. Your partner doesn't do this to you on purpose; in their mind, they're just treating you with the affection you deserve. They might actually cause you to fall so much in love with them that you abandon whatever plans you made for your future before you met this person, in favor of making new plans with them.

That might not be a bad thing; after all, people change and new people and opportunities can affect where they see themselves going in the future. You should just be sure that the choices you're making are really yours, and not based on some romantic but unrealistic idea of where the two of you are going as a couple. That means that you both also have to be very clear on where you want to go with this relationship. If your partner wants it to be long-term, this influence could be a great boon in that direction. But if they're interested in just a short-term, fun affair, they might unintentionally mislead you into thinking you two have a chance at forever, and you're really hurt when you find out the truth. You're both better off if you can just be absolutely clear about your intentions from the beginning, and strive to realize your own dreams even as you get more and more deeply involved with each other.

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