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South Node opposite Moon

A solid foundation

Kelli Fox

This relationship could take on a teacher-student feel, but in a good way -- you have so much to bring to one another's lives! Even if it turns out to be a short-term affair, this could turn out to be an important relationship for you, especially, because your lover stands a chance to help you along your personal path in life. As a result of knowing them, you might get closer to your goals than you would have on your own.

Wherever you want to be in five or ten years, this person is able to help you get there, by offering advice and encouragement for all your good ideas for the future. If either of you feels as if your connection is familiar, it may even be that you two were connected in a past life and those old, important and beneficial bonds are being enjoyed again in this one. Whatever the source of the familiarity, it allows you to get right to the point when you're together. Instead of wasting time talking about things that aren't important to you, you discuss your futures, your hopes, dreams and aspirations. This influence is a good one for a long-term affair, but even if this doesn't last that long, you still both derive a lot out of the relationship that you're able to use for the rest of your lives.

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