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South Node opposite Mercury

Like minds

Kelli Fox

Your instant and natural intellectual bond is a fun exploration for both of you in getting to know each other, and it actually helps your partner along their path in life. Learning and communicating is a focus between you as a couple; you both instinctively recognize that you have a lot to teach and reveal to each other, and that the particular mental energy created between you can be used for a specific and beneficial purpose. You probably talked about ideas on your very first date, bypassing small talk or chitchat for interesting, important discussions that engaged both your brains.

The feeling of meeting someone who wants to explore the intricacies of your mind is wonderful for both of you -- and it opens both of you up to digging deeper, accessing your most interesting, most unique and honest ideas, as gifts for this new and exciting person in your life. You feel comfortable in doing this because there is a familiarity between you from the start, in your conversations and the kinds of ideas you each occupy your minds with. Even as your relationship sparks excitement in both of you, you feel comfortable with each other. You ultimately have an important influence on this person, and even if the relationship doesn't last; this is a life-changing experience for them.

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