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South Node opposite Mars

Forward movement

Kelli Fox

You are going to really appreciate this aspect between you, because under its influence, your partner helps you to meet your goals and have the life you've always wanted to have. They make your goals their own, and they're a creative, inspiring influence in your life. They're a physically active person anyway, and they bring that influence to this relationship, encouraging you to join them when they go out running or playing sports.

Even your sexual bond is charged up by this aspect, and could be a great way for you to connect as a couple and work out your energies together, but your special, energetic bond doesn't stop at just a sexual boost. This person actually encourages you to live a fuller, more self-realized existence. They inspire enthusiasm for life in you, and their own natural courage and boldness is an example for you to follow. When you start living your own life more fully, the excitement this person feels for you only spurs you on to bigger and better things!

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