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South Node conjunct Moon

An easy routine

Kelli Fox

You feel very comfortable together almost immediately. You might feel as if you've known each other forever, and you felt this from the very beginning; as if you've finally found the person you've been looking for all along. In many ways, this is true.

You were actually involved in a past life; this person was a caretaker to you -- your mother or some other family member, someone who nurtured you and cared for you. Those feelings have carried over into this life. You never stop finding new things that you have in common. Your goals and dreams for the relationship are in sync; you have the same desires in terms of all the biggies -- sexuality, children, living situation, spirituality and so on. The smaller things are in tandem, too. This all sounds wonderful, and it is. Even though you might both want to get it all set from the start, planning on how many kids you want and when, what their names will be, when you'll buy a new house and when you'll switch jobs and so on, just be sure that you still leave room for growth, development and change. If you plan things too minutely, you miss out on all the wonderful nuances of a spontaneous life.

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