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South Node conjunct Mars

A little too intense

Kelli Fox

Unfortunately, the two of you together might spend more time blindly working out old patterns from past relationships than creating new ones of your own. This person doesn't mean to treat you as if you're an old story they've already been told, of course, but something instinctive within them just responds to you, and you find yourselves locked in a difficult relationship without even meaning to be, or knowing how it happened. This aspect is too intense for a relationship to last; you tax each other without meaning or wanting to.

If either of you has ever had tendencies toward jealousy or possessiveness, or rash behavior in the thick of passion, this relationship only increases that tendency. But becoming a more moderate, mature human being should be your goal. Don't put each other through this kind of trouble. Instead, turn your focus toward the future, toward bettering yourself and finding new, improved ways to relate within a love affair. Ask yourself what you need to do to have a positive, forward-focused experience in love, and then make it happen.

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