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South Node conjunct Jupiter

A pair of gamblers

Kelli Fox

Old habits are hard to break, and this relationship doesn't exactly present you with the impetus to develop new ones. Whether this is a bad thing depends on several factors, including what other aspects exist between you and how they affect you. In a past life, you two were involved -- perhaps romantically, but possibly in some other capacity.

In some way, this person brought you good fortune in that past life -- maybe they gave you a good tip on a bet or investment opportunity, or maybe you were a married couple who increased your worldly holdings through your union. That was a good thing with a positive outcome, but you were also excessive together -- they may have encouraged you to gamble, for example, which can be a destructive pastime even if it's monetarily beneficial. In this life, they encourage you once again to be excessive, to take unnecessary risks. There could be other ways in which you're extreme together, as well. Your lover might have a strongly spiritual or idealistic side that they try to push on you, not recognizing that they can teach much better by example than by force. You should both strive to be a good example to each other, and to yourselves. Don't encourage each other to take silly risks that could upset the equilibrium of your relationship and your lives. That would be a mistake that you don't want to repeat in this life.

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