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Saturn trine South Node

A solid support system

Kelli Fox

In a past life, you two were linked, probably as teacher and student or parent and child. You looked out for this person's welfare, and you took their education and their upbringing seriously. In this life, coming together again, you have some of that same old dynamic between you, and you both enjoy it.

Other people might look at your relationship as being a bit strange, because there's probably a big difference between you in age or maturity or experience level, and they wonder how that can possibly work. You two understand how well it works from the beginning. You're instrumental to this person's development; you look out for them in this life, just as you did in a previous one, and they're grateful for your protection and your tutelage. All your practical life experience is offered to them for their use. This aspect bodes well for a long-term relationship, but even if this ends up just being a short-term fling, you still have a wonderfully grounding effect on each other.

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