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Saturn trine Saturn

Security in your bond

Kelli Fox

The strong sense of trust and responsibility that grows between you goes a long way toward creating a secure foundation for your relationship, and it also strengthens your bond over time -- meaning, this aspect lends itself to a long-term relationship! You work well as a team, bringing complementary strengths to the table, and you help each other accomplish whatever you set your minds to. Better yet, you help each other keep from becoming complacent in the natural security that characterizes your bond.

You're hardworking together, focused on meeting your goals. You keep your eyes on the prize, and best of all, you get to enjoy the fruits of all that honest labor together. After all, the couple that works hard as a team gets to reap the benefits as a team as well, right? Whether it's on an emotional or financial level, you both want the same level of security and you have the same idea about how to make it happen. You have complementary ideas of how to be a disciplined and responsible human being, and you cooperate with each other very well -- which makes you wonderful business partners as well as romantic ones! Together you work hard and you bring some very positive influences into the life you share.

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