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Saturn trine Mercury

Practical function

Kelli Fox

You actually inspire your lover to express themselves more clearly and honestly! Especially when compared to so many relationships in which the merging of two personalities means the submerging of parts of both, this is a true gift, and one to be properly appreciated. Whatever high-flying, abstract or generally not well-founded ideas your partner may have, you find a way to give expression and function to those ideas.

You have a sobering effect on them, but not in a bad way. Instead, you help to stabilize their thought processes. If they normally have trouble being decisive or mapping out a path for themselves, this relationship could be just the thing they need to get serious and find direction in their life! Any troublesome aspects that may exist between you, ones that would otherwise negatively affect your relationship, are greatly helped by this influence, because your communication is strong and beneficial to you both. You're able to talk honestly about any problems or issues that might come up between you. More than that, you make a great working team. There is a serious sort of creativity that happens when you're together; your lover brings up an idea and you figure out how to make it solid and workable. You help them concentrate and separate their better ideas from the not-so-solid ones.

Saturn trine Mercury in the Transit Chart

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