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Saturn trine Jupiter

Working as a team

Kelli Fox

You're able to work together and achieve some major goals under the influence of this aspect, but don't expect the process to be simple and effortless. It's true that you have a naturally attuned gift as a couple due to your lover's expansive ideas paired up with your strong sense of responsibility; and putting these gifts together has great results. But you have to be open to the benefits of this combination.

As a couple, you have the strengths needed for hard and focused work -- a vision for the future, a sense of discipline -- but it doesn't get you anywhere unless you make sure to treat each other with respect. You should respect and appreciate each other's individual strengths. Allow each other to do what you're best at. Your lover is probably more creative when it comes to dreaming up ways of working toward a goal, so they should be the 'idea man' (or woman) -- the cheerleader for your team. You probably have more real-life experience or more of a sense of how to work hard, so you should function as the engine of the team, keeping you both moving forward at a steady pace. Lack of faith in those creative ideas or a self-indulgent urge to slow down whenever you feel like it kills those high-flying ideas and brings that momentum grinding to a halt. But supporting each other's strengths leads to success for both of you!

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