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Saturn square Moon

Controlling criticisms

Kelli Fox

This aspect is very difficult to deal with, and could end up hurting your relationship unless you take preventative steps from the start. The problem is, there is a certain level of control that exists between you from the beginning -- maybe you criticize your lover for the ways that they dress or behave in public, or even for the dreams that they hold dear to their heart -- and over time, those criticisms take on a dimension of their own. They become tiny cuts on your lover's soul, ones that hurt them, even if they try to ignore them.

It might even feel to your partner like you don't like the real person that they are, and worse, they might come across as feeling the same way about you -- without even realizing it! They might feel as if you're trying to discipline them all the time, never letting them simply be the person that they are. This is no fun in a romantic relationship! Love makes us so vulnerable, and for someone that supposedly loves us to constantly tell us what's wrong with us just doesn't feel good. If you two can be aware of this tendency from the start, you can curb your urges to criticize your lover, and they can work at recognizing what that criticism really is -- an attempt to control them, which isn't really appropriate. As long as you both learn from this interaction, this could end up being a positive experience for both of you.

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