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Saturn square Midheaven

Quit meddling

Kelli Fox

Taking an overly personal interest in your lover's career or other work is a bad idea. It could lead to tension that ultimately damages the relationship, if you're not careful about it from the beginning. What you think is just helpful support, good advice and a reasonable set of expectations actually comes across as meddlesome or even controlling.

Each of you needs to find your own path in life, to shape your own career and meet your own successes. Sure, you have a wealth of experience that's there to be drawn from, but that doesn't mean you should offer it unsolicited. It's much more meaningful to let the people you love find their own way, which includes making their own mistakes. If you put too much pressure on each other to succeed in a particular way or timeframe, you could end up really resenting each other. Even if you know that you have a skill your lover lacks -- organization and planning, maybe, or diligence and motivation -- keep it to yourself, unless your lover asks you for help. Otherwise, what's supposed to be a romantic connection starts to feel like schoolwork -- drudgery, high standards that are impossible to meet and an endless requirement to succeed and impress.

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