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Saturn square Mars

Learn to live and let live

Kelli Fox

This aspect could produce negative feelings that fester under the surface of what could otherwise be a very good relationship. The problem is that you don't treat each other as equals when it comes to sex or work or anything else you try to accomplish, either as a team or on your own. You usually try to take the leadership position, telling your partner what to do and how to do it, and that inspires rebellion at the least, or even anger -- because you may not realize that they like to be in the lead!

Your mutual sexual expression is similarly stilted; you rarely want the same thing at the same time, but you're both insistent about having your own needs met. Guilt and repression could become a part of your routine as a couple; your lover gets excited about something and you try to repress that enthusiasm like water dousing a flame. You focus too much on respectability versus rebellion, and they emphasize outrageous behavior over decorous comportment. You always seem to be on opposite sides of the fence. The friction and tension mounts until you're both able to abandon any pretense or hope that you have about controlling the other's behavior, or directing them in how they use their time. Otherwise, you find yourselves being rather passive-aggressive, or even openly aggressive. Arguments and cutting remarks set the tone between you unless you make the effort to treat each other with respect.

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