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Saturn square Juno

For better or for worse

Kelli Fox

When you two met, you recognized, either consciously or subconsciously, something of yourself in the other person -- that urge to commit to someone, to find a love affair that lasts into the future, through good times and bad. You're both looking for a love that lasts, after all -- and who isn't? But sometimes, commitment itself isn't enough.

The two of you are rather different, but the ways in which you're similar could actually be your downfall. Would you stubbornly stay on a sinking ship, even when there was a lifeboat nearby that could pull you to safety? Of course not! So why would you commit to a relationship that might not be going anyplace good? That's what could happen with this one, if you're not careful. Your sense of duty and responsibility to the relationship overshadows all else -- including the fact that you might not get along that well, or have that much in common. You might even have an oppressive effect on each other, if you're not careful. You try to control each other, especially if other aspects between you point to this sort of tendency, but instead of standing up for yourself and being your own person despite the pressure, you give in to it, based on some idea that hanging on to the relationship is more important than hanging on to your individuality. Don't make this mistake! No relationship is worth giving up all sense of self, or even your sense of fun and romance.

Saturn square Juno in the Composite Chart

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