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Saturn sextile South Node

The wisdom of experience

Kelli Fox

In a past life, you were involved, but not necessarily as lovers. You may have been parent and child, or teacher and student -- some relationship that involved you as an authority figure and this person as your charge. You looked out for them and took their education or their personal development very seriously.

Now, you've come together again in this lifetime, only this time as lovers. There may be an age or maturity difference between you, and in this case, that should work out just fine. Even if your partner is much younger or less experienced than you are, each of you has much to teach to the other. This aspect lends a feeling of seriousness to your relationship, so you could feel from the start as if you're going to mean a lot to each other over time. That could very well be true. You help your lover out by keeping them grounded; you offer them your protection and wisdom. You give them the best advice you can, with their safety and education always foremost in your mind. Whether this relationship ends up being a short one or long-term, you both feel as though you're better, more solid, for having experienced the influence of each other in your lives.

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