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Saturn sextile North Node

Teacher and student

Kelli Fox

You can help your lover to lay the groundwork for establishing their own path in life. They came to you as a work in progress -- they hadn't quite reached where they were going yet, and even now, you look at them and recognize them as the person you used to be, full of questions and ideas, but maybe lacking in direction and determination. Your job, as you each move through life, is to help them develop those qualities that are so necessary to achieving one's life path.

You talk a lot together about your dreams and aspirations, and you have a gentle way of nudging them along their path with well-placed bits of advice and encouragement. You feel a great deal of sympathy for their trials and tribulations; perhaps you've been through it yourself before, or maybe you just identify closely with them on an emotional level. Either way, the feeling of sympathy is high between you, as is your dedication to responsibility, hard work and problem-solving. Though you're romantically involved, your relationship has likely taken on a distinct teacher-student aspect -- but this is a good thing, not a bad one, especially if you can take turns with the roles. You have a lot to teach to each other and a lot to learn as well, so capitalizing on this opportunity is key.

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