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Saturn sextile Mars

A hardworking team

Kelli Fox

It's not that you two find you're so similar; in fact, it's your very differences that are the strength of this relationship. In a very real and measurable way, you help each other achieve your goals because you each bring a unique gift to the mix. Your partner has the drive and energy and original thought that is needed to get projects off the ground, and you have the necessary practicality and determination to see things through to the end.

This works well on a personal, sexual level as well as in terms of business or creative projects. In the bedroom, you combine an adventurous spirit with a steady hand, so to speak -- with greatly satisfying results for both of you. Just make sure that the lines of your communication stay open if you want to make the most of this potential. You tend to be more sedate or even pessimistic than your partner, and you're boosted by their comparative high energy and optimism. Your seriousness becomes more in balance when the two of you work together and pool both your knowledge and your energies. This aspect supports a long-term relationship because it lends a certain durability to your bond. You depend on each other for the qualities that you lack on your own.

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