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Saturn sextile Juno

Hard work produces success

Kelli Fox

You know what you're looking for in a lover, and you know what it takes to make things last long-term. For that reason, this could be the relationship that ends up standing the test of time. You're attracted to each other right off for your mutual seriousness when it comes to love and romance.

It's not necessarily that you don't allow yourselves to get swept away by the loveliness and romance of it all; it's more that you both know what you're looking for in a lover. If you know someone isn't the one for you, you're not going to waste time putting effort into something that's not going anywhere. You take the same approach to a love affair that you do to your work: you know that it's going to take effort and hard work to make it a success, and you welcome the challenge. You take any good advice that comes your way, and you know which critics to listen to and which to ignore. You care about your reputation and your success, and you want to give the world -- and your lover -- no reason to fault you for your actions. For that reason, you're careful about what you do and how you conduct yourself. As a result, you two stand a great chance of lasting for the long-term if that's what you want. You treat each other, and your relationship, with care, making sure to respect each other and to honor your responsibilities to each other.

Saturn sextile Juno in the Composite Chart

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