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Saturn quincunx Venus

Holding yourselves back

Kelli Fox

Your partner's fears and anxieties about love and romantic relationships are called out in this relationship, because your expressions of affection toward them are stilted. You could have a hard time relating to each other, but it isn't for lack of trying, or desire. You want to love and support each other with a natural ease, but somehow, your insecurities or your more traditional attitudes about love keep getting in the way.

Your lover might go to hug or kiss you in public, for example, and find themselves gently rebuffed -- no public displays of affection allowed! One or both of you may have grown up in a household where love was a distant and temperate thing, not openly expressed or even strongly felt. That doesn't mean you have to keep doing things the same way in your adult romantic life. Allowing yourselves to get caught up in the moment, to be overwhelmed by romance, sensation, emotion, is a good thing -- but it could make you, especially, feel very vulnerable, as it doesn't come naturally. So why not learn to let loose and love each other with a spontaneous warmth? You may have to break through the ice within yourself more than once, but you find that the more you make the effort to receive each other's loving overtures with a warm response of your own, the better you feel -- and the more natural your bond is.

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