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Saturn quincunx Sun

Feeling threatened

Kelli Fox

This aspect doesn't show its effects for quite some time -- well into the relationship, when you're already deeply involved with one another. By then you both start to realize that something just doesn't quite click between you, on a deep level. If you can acknowledge that right away, talk about it and find a way to compromise, things are much easier for you.

Unless you have strong and positive communication going for you, this isn't likely to happen. Instead, you begin to notice that more and more frequently, you two just don't see eye to eye. This is a threatening feeling for both of you, and arguments may erupt as you each try to convince the other of your own point of view. The problem may be one of independence versus vulnerability -- you feel threatened by your lover's sense of independence and individuality -- but it may be a simple problem of boredom. You might just find that you don't excite one another as much as you may have thought. Since you're already deeply involved, you try your hardest to make that be untrue. A better approach is to communicate about the problems between you, and figure out what adjustments need to be made. If it's simple boredom, you can figure out techniques to spice things up. If it's more about vulnerability and insecurity, those feelings have to be faced in order to be dealt with.

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