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Saturn quincunx Midheaven

Deaf ears

Kelli Fox

You could start to annoy your partner if you try to get overly involved in their career or other work. You think you're just offering support and good advice, and you could think that you're being helpful when you set a list of expectations for your lover to adhere to. But -- surprise, surprise -- this could actually come across as meddlesome or even controlling.

The thing is, your advice certainly comes from a good place -- you have a wealth of experience that's there to be drawn from -- but it could fall on deaf ears. Or, you might be the one with the deaf ears, meaning that you might not even understand your lover's work. You tend to misunderstand their motives and you end up giving them advice that just doesn't apply. The pressure is unwelcome and unhelpful, even though you set out to be a good influence. It's true that each of you has good ideas to bring to the table. One of you might be great at organization and planning, or you might have a natural flair for diligence and motivational techniques. So why not offer that advice when it's asked for, instead of giving it out unsolicited? You should both try to remember that you can teach by example, and that a subtler approach can often work better. After all, you're supposed to be romantically involved, not be each other's taskmasters or bosses!

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