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Saturn opposite Neptune


Kelli Fox

Your naturally different ways of viewing the world don't mesh together well at all. You challenge each other on your ideas of reality, and you could end up actually hurting each other's self-esteem through the process -- inadvertently, of course! You might have entered the relationship thinking you had a lot in common, but it's become clear that that's not the case on a subtle but fundamental level.

You are naturally more practical and grounded than your partner. You work hard and you're responsible, and anything less can come across to you as flakiness. But your partner is much more freeform than that. They're in touch with their intuitions on a deep level, and from the outside, it could look to you like they're just acting at random when really they're operating based on some deep, inner cues that are telling them what move to make next. This method might actually be threatening to you, because you're used to operating based on facts and figures. Calculated risks are your forte, whereas your partner is good at leading with their gut and finding their way by feel. How to meld the two viewpoints, instead of falling into patterns of challenging and rejecting each other's way of doing things? Instead of trying to control your partner's sense of reality, which can be the tendency with this aspect, you both have to try hard to accept your differences. Convincing each other of your own point of view is nothing more than a frustrating and ultimately futile process.

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