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Saturn opposite Midheaven

Stability and responsibility

Kelli Fox

This aspect could be difficult to deal with, or it could lend your relationship a feeling of security and stability -- it's all in how you both look at it, and what each of you wants out of the relationship you share. You feel powerfully connected to your partner's past, perhaps to their familial or cultural roots, and you feel a sense of responsibility there. You might feel like you owe something to your partner's family, or that you're somehow responsible for helping to process something that happened a long time ago, something that left its mark on your lover.

As long as you understand that this is a responsibility you're taking on yourself -- not one that actually belongs to you -- you're able to be of help. You strive to create a safe space for you and your lover, especially if you two live together. This could come across as a sort of controlling behavior, if your lover doesn't understand your wish to protect them. And the truth is, you don't have to take the weight of the world or even of your relationship all on your own shoulders! Try to have fun once in a while instead of focusing so much on responsibility and protection. Your partner could feel smothered by all that close, protective attention, but you can remind them to try to understand it for what it is -- you're offering them the gift of stability in the form of responsibility.

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