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Saturn opposite Juno

A misguided sense of duty

Kelli Fox

Look at the other aspects between you, and see if they add up to a fun, happy, honest, communicative relationship. Odds are, they don't, which could make this particular aspect all the more unfortunate. If you two aren't destined to have a good, productive and solid relationship, it doesn't stand to reason why you pursue it anyway and commit to each other for the long-term.

But that's just what you might do, because this aspect can encourage commitment to a lost cause. The problem is, you two are really after very different things when it comes to love and romance. One of you wants a very traditional sort of relationship, one that your friends and family would approve of, and you push for that even when it becomes clear that your lover is after something else entirely, or when it becomes apparent that that's just not what you've found in each other. Instead of pursuing a lost cause, you should remind yourselves to commit to each other only if it's right, if you can be sure that you're committing to something that's really worth it. Otherwise, it might be best just to move on and find someone who's a better match for you, as hard or as disappointing as that might seem. After all, it's easier in the long run to do that than to stay in something that ends up squelching your joie de vivre, your spontaneity and warmth and hope for the future.

Saturn opposite Juno in the Composite Chart

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