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Saturn conjunct Saturn

A question of security

Kelli Fox

You shouldn't have a problem establishing the kind of security you both need in the relationship, because your needs are so similar, and you are probably very close in age. Whether it's on an emotional or financial level, or some other one, you both want things to be the same way -- and you have the same idea about how to make it happen. What one of you thinks is the way to be respectable, responsible and so on works for both of you.

The structures of your lives work together really well, because you have such similar ideas -- what social or public roles you want to take on, and so on. Of course, this aspect does have some pitfalls related to the maturity level of the two of you as individuals and of your relationship itself. A mature relationship between two emotionally developed adults is only helped by this influence, as it further stabilizes you. You already know what you want out of life, and this relationship helps you move toward it. If either of you is a 'young soul,' or if your relationship is still in the early stages, or if you are both very young, this could actually present a problem. Your anxieties regarding security are bound to come up; you probably end up bogging each other down with too much responsibility unless you're careful. You worry too much about whatever you're not doing that you think you ought to be, and that can create a lot of pressure on both of you.

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