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Saturn conjunct Pluto

Controlling the uncontrollable

Kelli Fox

This aspect might not be the easiest one to deal with, but it does offer a strengthening effect on your relationship. Just be aware that under the influence of this aspect, your bond is repeatedly tested. Hard times arise in your lives, forcing you to depend on each other in big ways -- much more than you might have anticipated, especially if you got together with the idea in mind that yours would just be a fun, free, simple little affair.

External circumstances such as one of you being laid off from your job or having to find new housing both tests your bond and strengthens it. You likely end up surprising yourselves with how well you unite as a team and work together to come through the adversity in one piece. But this aspect could also take a different form; it could be that difficulties have come up within the relationship itself, and you each have to work hard on your own to meet the challenge. You may be more hardworking and responsible than your lover, who might be more intense and spontaneous than you in response to life's trials. Those are two significantly different ways to operate in life, and your partner could try to shake things up for you by introducing conflicts and crises that don't even really exist, just to force a change! Obviously, it would be best to let things flow naturally, because you both change at your own natural pace, but doing that could be easier said than done.

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