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Saturn conjunct North Node

Time to get serious

Kelli Fox

You're full of great advice for your partner, based on your own life experiences. Your life naturally serves as an example to them. You relate to their struggles and emotions, and you're a big help to them in terms of illuminating their proper path in life -- their career, schooling or whatever else they're trying to achieve -- and in mapping out a viable plan for pursuing their goals.

You inspire them to work hard -- and, at times, you make them apply themselves, when inspiration alone isn't enough. This is a serious connection that lends a feeling of conscience and duty to your relationship; in fact, it may be an indicator of past lives together, if those are your beliefs. Your partner might not have even been all that attracted to you in the beginning, because they might not have felt ready to get serious! But the fact that this aspect exists between you mean that there is an undeniable strong connection. When you're together, you focus on your responsibilities and duties to your work, your families and each other. You may have taken on the role of taskmaster to your lover, which definitely blurs the boundaries between romance and work, between being equals and being teacher and student. In general, however, you inspire each other, and this aspect strengthens your bond, especially as the longer you two are together.

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