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Saturn conjunct Neptune

Complementary viewpoints

Kelli Fox

You approach life in two very different ways, which causes you to develop some ideas about each other that aren't necessarily be correct. You tend to take a practical viewpoint, trusting in hard work and responsibility and believing only in the things that you can see, touch, feel and otherwise count on in a tangible way. But this reliance on the concrete often looks to your lover more like being a stick-in-the-mud!

They take the opposite path; they have deep experience with the intangible, the instinctive, even the psychic side of life. They lead with their gut and operate on instinct. But this acceptance of abstraction can come across to you as irrationality and disorganization -- a characterization that could seem offensive to them. They feel dragged down from time to time by what looks to them like your cynicism, your hardheaded insistence on grounding everything in 'fact'; but you feel mistrustful of what looks to you like their undependable, gullible nature. Both of you could end up feeling confused whenever you're trying to tackle a problem together, and you might even feel like your lover causes you to doubt yourself. When you can convince yourselves to withstand the vulnerability that this aspect churns up within each of you, and force yourselves to open up to new ways of looking at things, you can stand to learn a lot from each other.

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