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Saturn conjunct Jupiter

Joint efforts

Kelli Fox

What are your goals as a couple? This is a question you face together, because the particular blend of your energies lends itself to problem-solving and goal achievement. Your partner is naturally more enthusiastic and creative than you are, while you tend more toward seriousness.

This difference shouldn't be a problem; in fact, you help to balance each other out, providing energetic bursts or reality checks just when they are needed. Your problem-solving strengths as a couple are as useful in resolving an argument as they are in taking on a huge project together -- renovating a house, starting a business, you name it! Whatever you decide to do, you're likely have a natural gift at it together. Your lover comes to you for advice, trusting that the advice they receive is sound. Just make sure that your differences don't create a gulf between you over time. You might have the tendency to drag your partner and their optimistic energy down; but allowing that creative, high-flying spirit to be stifled should be avoided, as it's the magic behind the hard work. Similarly, your lover should take care not to pooh-pooh the soberness of your thinking, because that sobriety provides a much-needed grounding influence. You have a lot to learn from each other, and together you make two halves of a very strong team.

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