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Saturn conjunct Ascendant

A durable bond

Kelli Fox

Even if you two aren't getting along, you feel intensely bound to each other. This aspect's effects are serious in tone, and could feel restrictive, especially to your partner, as if they're being held back in this relationship. They might find that their natural spontaneity and creativity are discouraged by your more somber side, which they might not have anticipated.

Even if they feel thwarted in this relationship, they probably stick with it anyway, because there's such a feeling of karmic destiny between you -- as if you were fated to meet and fall in love. At other times, you could both wonder privately how you ever got in so far! Your lover feels as if you're needlessly sober, even depressing -- not realizing that they, too, can have this effect. You have a hold over each other that isn't an enthusiastic or overly romantic one; instead it's based on some sense of responsibility, on the need to control each other, yourselves and your relationship. You could be feeling a sense of obligation to stay in the relationship, even if you aren't happy or if things just aren't working between you. In short, this aspect increases your chances of sticking together through thick and thin, which means that if your relationship has a lot of friendly, playful and romantic aspects to it, this can only enhance your bond.

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