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Pluto trine Uranus

A cause in common

Kelli Fox

You both have some ideas about the world and your place in it, and how you want to change things, make them better for everyone. Or, even if you don't have those ideas, you know that you want to do something -- make the world a better place in some way, even if you don't know yet what that is. This relationship could be the one that helps you put conscious action behind those ideals.

Getting involved with you is an intense experience for your partner, and it means digging deeply into themselves to find their true values in life -- not just the things they do for a reaction, but the things they do because they're a part of who they are; they speak of their soul. You have a powerful effect on your partner, and could actually help them to become more themselves, if that makes sense. You support and encourage all the deeper urges that they experience, because you experience them too. Together, you can really make things happen. For this reason, this influence bodes well for a long-term connection, because the better you get to know each other, the more you want to get something done together. You could join a cause together, or simply start a new exercise and diet routine as a couple to make your own lives better. Expect great things from this connection, whether that's on a great or small scale.

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