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Pluto trine Sun

Emotional vitality

Kelli Fox

Your sexual attraction to one another is only strengthened by this aspect, because it also intensifies the emotional bond between you, which runs quite deep. Your partner experiences this depth of feeling from the beginning as a feeling of being very well understood. Your bond might even feel effortless from the start, as does communicating in a physical way.

Old emotions from your past -- even ones that may not have served you well for some time -- find positive expression in this relationship. Basically, the two of you together are quite creative on a mental or emotional level, and you help each other grow as individuals. Even your less admirable qualities are transformed into loftier ones through this relationship. Issues of egotism or vanity are expressed in a more positive way, and vulnerabilities are faced and strengthened. These powerful changes aren't confined simply to an individual or ego level, either; you could help your lover to achieve their highest ambitions in a career or artistic sphere. This aspect lends this relationship long-term potential, especially in combination with other stabilizing aspects. How you use the positive effects is up to you.

Pluto trine Sun in the Transit Chart

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